The arrivals

The Work: Shot product images in an editorial, clean-cut style approach with minimal shape, strongly depicting the brand image while balancing the brand’s consumer feel. Advertising and promotional images were utilized in look-books and for branded content on their website and social media. Working mostly with outerwear to deliver beautiful and enticing content.


The Work: Produced a visual campaign focusing on cinematography as main media- to bring the brand to life and give it a tangible personality in the US Fashion space. With a beautiful location to compliment the cinematic moments captured in the true brands essence, the outcome was designed to visually promote and build awareness of the fashion brand to the US with a tasteful touch of editorial production.


A trendy outerwear brand gets a signature look.


The Work: Shot product images in editorial fashion, geared towards selling both the brand and the lifestyle. Shot advertising and promotional images to be featured in look-books. Utilized lighting and set-managing expertise to elevate product shots to an aspirational level, working mostly with outerwear products.


2077 ARRIVALS SHOT 27 106.jpg

Focus on cinematography as the main media to bring the brand to life and give it a tangible personality.